In CloudRanger, there are two ways to restore a snapshot. You can leave the volume unattached or you can request a file level restore. 

When you are viewing your list of backups via the backups resource section, you will have the ability to click the "Restore" option for each snapshot listed. 

Here you will be presented with an overview of the snapshot you are going to restore, with associated tags. 

Two restore options will be available and you may choose whichever method is best for you. In this case, you would choose the top option, Leave Volume Unattached.

When you choose to Leave the volume unattached, you can restore the snapshot to a volume in an availability of your choice.

Creating New EBS Volume

When you click on Create Volume, this process will generate a new volume with the chosen Snapshot data. 

Once the new available EBS volume is created, this can be reviewed on your AWS Console. You can then choose to connect this new EBS volume to a known good instance or a restored AMI.

Looking for Automated Disaster Recovery Testing?

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