Creating an Auto Scaling Group:

*Note - You may need to update your AWS Access Credentials in your CloudRangfer account to take advantage of these features.

Schedules for Auto Scaling are created in the same way as our regular server schedules. Simply click on the ‘Create Schedule’ button from the Server Schedules resource page.

Note: Like Server schedules, Auto Scaling schedules can be executed directly from the Server Schedule resource screen. When creating a new Auto Scaling schedule the user needs to select the ‘TYPE’ as an ‘Auto Scaling Group’ from the type dropdown. Useful information on the scaling changes, lowest and highest possible scale can be reviewed.

When generating an Auto Scaling schedule the user can predetermine the scale by setting the MIN, MAX and DESIRED. Individual cells can then be selected and the Auto Scaling Group (ASG) scale will be applied to that time. The settings and time can be refined by clicking the ASG cell and making changes as appropriate or delete the schedule if needed.   

Auto Scaling resources can be applied to the schedule using the group ID or group Tag as outlined below.

If you have any further questions on our Auto Scaling Group server scheduling functionality, feel free to get in touch with the team at

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