Here are some instructions on how to use the API

CloudRanger offers a Swagger compliant public REST API for programmtic access to CloudRanger. This API will be maintained and backward compatibility will be ensured.

Download the latest documentation of our Public API (updated on 25/04/2018 for CloudRanger 1.0)

In order to use the CloudRanger API, you require an API key. API keys can be obtained by doing the following:

  1. Sign-in to your CloudRanger account.
  2. Click your "User Settings”.
  3. Scroll down to the API Keys
  4. Click the “+ Generate API Key” button to create an API key.

From here, you can then enter a Key Name and Description. You can also add Add IPs if necessary for security to restrict API access to an IP or CIDR range.

Click "Generate" to get your API key and then follow the instructions outlined in the Swagger Hub documentation link below:

CloudRanger API Swagger Hub Documentation

You can download clients in any language. Download it via SwaggerHub,
Test the API in Swagger Hub, all you need is your API Key.

Below is an application example of how the API works.

From SwaggerHub for the CloudRanger API, select the ‘Authorize’ button as below:

Paste the API key in here:

Get authorization and extract the token using the call below: 

Then in the API_Authorizer update the value with ‘Bearer token_value’ as below and click Authorize

You are now ready to execute API commands, example below:

Please report any feedback, for example, bug reports and improvement requests to

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