If you are looking to add MFA to your CloudRanger account for added security, this can easily be set up from your CloudRanger dashboard.

First, you will need to Click on your profile image in the top right of your CloudRanger account. Then Click on the 'User Settings' option.

You will then see, under the Security section, an option to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication. Click on the Enable button to begin your setup.

You will then be presented with the option to scan a QR code with your authentication app of your choice. E.g, Google Authenticator, Authy. Scan the code and then enter an Account Name in your chosen App. 

You will then be given a security token that you will need to enter after you click 'Continue'.

Once you have entered this security token, your account will then be secured with MFA and you will be prompted for the security token on each Login attempt while MFA is enabled in your CloudRanger account.

To disable MFA, you will need to confirm the security token one final time, after which MFA will then be disabled.

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