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The 'Amazon - Create RDS Snapshot By Instance ID' task will create a snapshot of an RDS instance ID that is specified in the task, on your chosen schedule.

How To Set Up Your Task

Here is a breakdown of the steps of how to set up your 'Amazon - Create RDS Snapshot By Instance ID' task.

Step 1 - Choose a name for your task.

Step 2 - Choose the credential for the AWS account you would like to manage

Step 3 - Choose the region in which your chosen AWS resources are located

Step 4 - Choose the 'Amazon - Create RDS Snapshot By Instance ID' task from the Task drop-down list

Step 5 - Choose the RDS Instance ID to be linked to this task

Step 6 - Choose a predefined schedule (or create your own)  from the Schedule drop-down list for when you would like this task to run.

Step 7 - Choose whether you would like to be notified when the task is complete.

Step 8 - Click the Save button to complete the task creation.

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