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The 'Amazon - Create and Copy RDS Snapshot' task will create a snapshot of an RDS instance ID that is specified in the task, on your chosen schedule. The snapshot is created in the specified region but is also copied to another Destination Region.

How To Set Up Your Task

Here is a breakdown of the steps of how to set up your 'Amazon - Create and Copy RDS Snapshot' task.

Step 1 - Choose a name for your task.

Step 2 - Choose the credential for the AWS account you would like to manage

Step 3 - Choose the region in which your chosen AWS resources are located

Step 4 - Choose the 'Amazon - Create and Copy RDS Snapshot' task from the Task drop-down list

Step 5 - Choose the RDS Instance ID to be linked to this task

Step 6 - Select the Destination Region you would like to copy the image to.

Step 7 - Choose a predefined schedule (or create your own)  from the Schedule drop-down list for when you would like this task to run.

Step 8 - Choose whether you would like to be notified when the task is complete.

Step 9 - Click the Save button to complete the task creation.

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