To create your first backup policy, you can click on +NEW POLICY from the main dashboard, or choose BACKUP POLICIES from the left-hand menu.

Then you can give your policy and a name that is relevant to you.

Then choose your backup and retention requirements for your backup policy from the CREATE & DELETE BACKUPS section.

You can then choose to search for the Instance IDs you would like to apply to this policy or choose to apply this policy to instances with specific Instance Tags.

Once you have applied your policy to your chosen instances, you can then click on ADVANCED. Here you can add custom tags to each backup created by this policy. 

You can also choose to the Multi-Region Backup option, where backups will automatically be stored in their original region and you can choose up to two additional extra copies in your chosen AWS regions. Just tick the box to confirm your chosen regions

If required, you can also choose to save another additonal copy to another AWS account using the Cross-Account Backup option.

When you are happy with your backup policy, click the SAVE POLICY button and you are all set!

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